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Author Topic: ATI R96PRO/XT maybe you guys will know if this card works on morphos?  (Read 4414 times)


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Hi guys i've had a powermac 2ghz g5 sitting here for awhile need to find a ATI card for my system since it came with a nivida card.
Cos the cards on ebay are so $$$
i found 2 locally in my country..
REV 1.3A
does anyone know if this pc card can be flashed to mac and work on morphos cos i can't tell guessing its a 9600 but what does the PRO/XT mean should it be one or the other? do you guys think it would be easy to flash?

the other card is a Apple ATI 9650 AGP video card
but it wont need flashing since its apple already
which one should i go for??
info on the r96pro/xt would be great!
=) thanks!!!

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Buy the Apple card.
Most flashed cards will work under MorphOS, but many PC 9600 cards don't work well when flashed for Mac compatibility under OSX or MorphOS.
The 9650 is slightly slower than a 9600 Pro or 9600XT, but its a cool running card that certainly performs better than an R200.
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This is what you need:


Works great, when flashing though make a backup of the current firmware first so you can put it back later or if you have an issue with the flash.
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