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AuthorTopic: Looking for someone to help me convert ancient Amiga animation to frames  (Read 428 times)

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Offline Mdloomis

I'm hoping someone here can help a guy out.  I have some old floppy discs (the plastic case type w/ sliding door) that contain some early animations that I created on the Amiga (using Imagine, I believe).   The Amiga, the software, and any way to read the floppy discs are long gone from my possession, but I would love to recover the files and convert the animations to modern formats to be playable on modern machines.  If I had the individual frames in current formats like tiff, jpeg, or nearly any modern image format, I do have the capability to assemble them myself as animations in the formats I desire. 

I'm not looking for instructions how to accomplish this.  Instead, I seek someone who would be willing to take the floppy and actually do the conversions for me.  I'm no longer an Amiga user, but ihat machine certainly holds a place in my heart as my first computer, and what actually became the start of a career as an animator.

If there is anyone up for the challenge, please respond.  We can discuss compensation.



Offline Matt_H

Please tell us where you’re located as that will make finding someone to help much easier.

But this *is* something you can do yourself. There are several reasonably priced devices on the market now that can turn Amiga disks into disk images that you can use in an emulator. Once that’s done it’s all a simple matter of software.

Offline Mdloomis

I'm in Auburn, CA, USA.

Offline SACC-guy

Check out sacc.org


come to a SACC meeting (fourth sunday of the month)

we have several members who might help