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Author Topic: Suggestions for re-implemented Amiga games to play whilst recovering from op  (Read 845 times)


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I'm having a minor operation this weekend and have to rest for a week afterwards so am looking for some ideas.

I've already got Project Osiris (AB3D remake in Doom) and ZGloom (Gloom remake) on a laptop connected to my TV, Flashback on PS4 and Alien Breed on PS3. Are there any other classic Amiga games which have been faithfully reproduced on these platforms (I've completed Another World on PS). My real Amiga isn't in a room that I'll be able to access (yes, I know I could run WinUAE but I'm looking for something different).

Or I could go off piste and try to play through The Last of Us.
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Hopefully a Good Day,

Any good old flight sim could use a good upgrade. Minimum 030 or so with some better graphics and maybe even RTG !

I play them a lot, BOB, especially to use analogue joystick, digital is the worst, Stealth Fighter, good, updated graphics, Killer. you get my drift. better graphics, maybe some levels. Commercial stuff must be renamed stealthily. no need for legal stuff.

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Shadow of the Beast had a PS4 remake. Syndicate had a ridiculously unrelated shooter made from the IP a fair few years ago.
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