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AuthorTopic: Checkmate 1500 Plus cases next (maybe final for a while) batch ordering soon  (Read 1661 times)

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Offline clusteruk

I am going to open ordering for next batch in the next few days, please be aware there are only a guaranteed 500 cases left for now for sale and nearly 250 on waiting list. This may seem to be just a marketing trick, but if you have followed my progress you will understand why. I am absolutely shattered with building these cases and I cannot turn this into a day job until Amiga ownership is out of the courts and settled finally. Been burned twice by Amiga, not doing that again.

So if you still need to decide if for you please read this amazing review, also note the ACA500+ potential with a graphics card and A1200 accelerator even though we had to modify next batch of board to make latest ACA500+ versions work (Not the ACA's fault).


Thanks Epsilon

Email waiting list steve@imica.net
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