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AuthorTopic: Beginner AmigaOS 4 based Programming Language  (Read 1629 times)

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Beginner AmigaOS 4 based Programming Language
« on: November 21, 2017, 11:23:20 PM »
I have asked a couple friends in IRC the same question but thought I would ask here too.  I want to explore programming.  I own only Next Gen Amigas.  X5000 is my main system.  Looking for a programming language and software kit that is easy to buy if still a valid product, or download if now public domain, but need to make sure it is well documented for a beginner.

Would like that the language is more english as that makes it easier for me to understand.  Want it to have a software kit that has all I need to get started.  A nice IDE would be nice.

Also, since I last programmed on a Mac like in 2005 using Applescript and XCode, I wonder if there is something in Amigaland that allows for easy way to create the user interface for an application I may make, kind of drag and drop and then tell the button what to do... kinda like Xcode suite allowed me to do.

Ultimately being able to make a very basic game, say a scrolling game or a small shoot M up, would be neat.

I know there is Python, Hollywood, and others.  

Guessing Hollywood may be the easiest most complete way to start since it is still a current selling product, but open to other options.

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Re: Beginner AmigaOS 4 based Programming Language
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2017, 11:42:17 PM »
Hollywood is the best choice, it is update currently and the plugins are free and update too, and you can make executables for all systems, saved time and you can enjoy your proyect under Windows, Mac, Linux and all Amiga systems.
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