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Author Topic: KCS Power Board for Amiga 500 NEW & POSTFREE!  (Read 1924 times)


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KCS Power Board for Amiga 500 NEW & POSTFREE!
« on: April 08, 2003, 03:12:51 PM »
The A500 Power Board works just like a regular 512K memory expansion for Amiga 500. Just plug it into the trap-door slot of you A500 and you're all set with 1 Megabyte of memory!
But the Power Board is more. In addition to the 512K fastram it will give your Amiga 500, you also get a ramdrive of an extra 512K. The memory for this ramdrive is not taken from the system memory - it's on the card as well!
And just when you thought this was all, the Power Board brings the world of PC to your Amiga. Mounted on the Power Board is a NEC V30 16-bit microprocessor which will run MS-Dos up to version 6.22. The Power Board software will turn your Amiga 500 into a PC, using the Amiga 500's built-in ports for input and output, and the Amiga's custom chips for video emulation. complete with SoundBlaster emulationLast but not least, the Power Board comes with a battery-powered real-time clock, so your Amiga will keep track of time!

ATTENTION : Price INCLUDES insured postage to Uk

link here 9 available ebay link
I once had an amigaone xe but sold it .