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AuthorTopic: Dogtown and Z-Boys  (Read 694 times)

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Offline Dagon

Dogtown and Z-Boys
« on: July 09, 2005, 02:03:25 AM »
A few days ago I saw the "Dogtown and Z-boys" documentary. It is awesome! After I saw it, I went out immediately and bought a skateboard! It's been like 15 years since the last time I skateboarded. Gosh, I really miss being a kid ;-)

"In the spring of 1975, skateboarding took an evolutionary boost toward the sport that we see today. In Del Mar, California a slalom and freestyle contest was held at the Ocean Festival. That day, the Zephyr team showed the world what skateboarding could be. They rode their boards like no one had in the public eye, low and smooth, and skateboarding was taken from being a hobby to a serious, exciting sport.

A small group of outcasts from the slums of Dogtown had changed their own lives, and the world, forever."

Anyone else seen it?

The Z-boys were to skateboarding what was Amiga to computing. Before them everybody were skating like sticks, they changed that, just like Amiga when it first came out brought computing into another level...

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