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AuthorTopic: Teqilla ADF-Reading and writing back  (Read 2057 times)

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Teqilla ADF-Reading and writing back
« on: October 29, 2002, 11:49:14 AM »
Hi there,

i got an Amiga 500 (1 MB, Kickstart v1.3 WB1.3) and I was looking for a tool to convert back some ADF-Images to Amiga-Disks,but sadly PC FDD can't write back 1:1 without CatWeasel PCI-Controller Card.

The only two possibilities seem to be:
1. Use a nullmodemcable and Transfer ADFs to Amiga-Disks via 19200 Bits/s and then use an Amiga conversion tool to convert back on A500 system.
Disadvantages: 5-8 Mins per Disk (ARRRRGHHHH), additional 10 Mins to convert from ADF to DiskTracks  :-x

2. Write Images back with Tequilla, but I get Diskerrors after using the file PCGEN -v -p Demo.ADF when I try to use AMIGA.EXE -v DF0: DF0: at AMIGA-DOS prompt. The error is "Disk Error,retry Y/N", and I have to abort. When I try to use my external Floppy (DF1:), AMIGA.EXE (Tequilla) crashes with GuruMeditation.  :-o

So my question is: did anyone experience the same problems (with solution 2, tequilla of course), and how can I fix them ?!

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Re: Teqilla ADF-Reading and writing back
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2002, 01:22:14 PM »
I have A2000, with aprox. 2MB ram expansion and 2 disk drives and manage to transfer files using dos2dos (which can be found on tools compilation disks or on the net).

Because of small size of disks (720KB), adfs can't be directly transfered to Amiga. There are 2 possible ways. Transfer DMS or ADZ (gzipped ADF) files.

For unpacking DMS to disk - there is a program on Amiga that has the same name (DMS), which I have not tested yet (requires wb2.x).

But I've done following.
On PC I use dms2adf for creating ADF files from DMS. Sometimes I also use ADFopus for viewing ADF files and copying files from LHA archives to ADF. Then I use GZIP to create gzipped files (for example "test.adf.gz" must be renamed to "test.adz") which I copy together with TransADF on PC 720KB formated disk.
On Amiga I use dos2dos to transfer files to amiga formated disk. Start WB, start CLI and using transADF unpack gzipped adf on anoter amiga disk.

I hope this might help you.


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Re: Teqilla ADF-Reading and writing back
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2002, 02:10:49 PM »
Thank you ! I think that should be another possibility to convert back, but I never thought about repacking, I will test it at home today evening  :-)  :-)  :-)

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Re: Teqilla ADF-Reading and writing back
« Reply #3 on: October 29, 2002, 02:36:49 PM »
just look for a cheap A500 cdrom drive. I've seen several on ebay over the last few months for less then $50. You can burn all your amiga ADF files and then pop the cd into the A500 cd rom and your set. I use this trick on my A3000. Since its so hard to find 720kb disks these days my HD formated ones dont seem to keep the data long and I dont want to loose my amiga stuff.
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