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Title: Amiga 4000 on ebay
Post by: retrostyle on June 01, 2016, 09:20:44 PM

I have a amiga 4000 on ebay

Amiga 4000

This was bought last year from Portugal but unfortunately it was damaged by courier service and as a result the plastic was brocken on the plastic plugs and the psu switch i have repaired most of the damage but not all.
The amiga as been re-capped but only half the audio sound is working so only one speaker is working not sure why after it being re-capped.


3.0 roms
buster 9 socketed
16 mb fast ram
2mb chip ram
030 card with fpu chip fitted

Hard drive works and also the floppy, the cd rom not connected so untested but above all not a bad system just need the sound fixing and tidying.
I don't have the time all the funds to finish.