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Title: Gauging interest: ZX Evolution
Post by: TheRogue on September 23, 2011, 05:21:53 AM
Hi guys,

I am in the process of ordering a ZX Evolution (aka ZX Evo, PentEvo,  PentEva) from the manufacturers in Russia. The ZX Evolution, for those  unfamiliar, is the greatest Spectrum clone of all time. In the USSR, and  later the Russian Federation, the spectrum was very popular. The  Russian speccys are VERY different from what we know in the west though.  They have numerous enhancements, including much better graphics modes  and so on, and there is tonnes of software to go along with the  hardware. The two major Spectrum compatible lines in Eastern Europe are  the Pentagon (and it's successor the ATM Turbo) and the Scorpion. The ZX  Evolution is compatible to both. It is an FPGA based miniITX  motherboard, and when shipped is in Pentagon/ATM Turbo 2+ compatible  mode. With a ROM change, it becomes Scorpion compatible. The specs are  as follows:

If people are interested, I can see about making a large order from  the manufacturers. The price I am paying is $130.00USD plus $30.00USD  shipping to Canada.

In addition, there are two hardware expansions available, the NeoGS  General Sound/MP3 ZXBUS card, and the TurboSoundFM 12 Channel (6 channel  AY/6 channel FM card) dual YM2203 sound card. The NeoGS is $80.00USD  and the TSFM is $30.00USD. The manufacturers website is (

When in scorpion mode, all of the features of a Scorpion ZS 1024 turbo+ with ProfPZU ROM expansion are supported.

Based on this, is anyone interested?
Title: Re: Gauging interest: ZX Evolution
Post by: Britelite on September 23, 2011, 06:56:15 AM
Having had one of these babies for a while, I can say that it's a really nice piece of equipment, and for that price it's a really cool deal.
Title: Re: Gauging interest: ZX Evolution
Post by: TheRogue on September 30, 2011, 04:18:16 AM
Just a quick update. NedoPC has put my parcel in the mail today, so  depending on the speed of Почта России and Canada Post, I should receive  it soon. Videos and pictures will follow shortly.

In the meantime, Here is a demo that really shows what this hardware can do. This demo  was written for the Pentagon 1024SL, and as such will run on the ZX  Evolution. It uses the NeoGS sound card as a hardware accelerator, and  the TurboSoundFM for sound. It really is a good example of why this  hardware kicks some serious ass. Enjoy!

And just so everyone is clear, the NeoGS sound card brings MODs to the ZX Spectrum, in addition to hardware acceleration if a programmer chooses to use it.