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Title: TeamAROS Bounty #3
Post by: dammy on November 24, 2003, 05:36:03 PM
Just wanted to remind everyone, that TeamAROS ( Bounty #3 (TCP/IP) is still open for donations.  As we have now shown multiple times, community support to the AROS Devs does help in getting the Devs motivated to do these major projects.  TCP/IP would be a huge step forward in getting AROS up to a daily use OS.  Please consider in supporting the AROS Devs by donating to TeamAROS via PayPal ( and use the address of for your donation.


Title: Re: TeamAROS Bounty #3
Post by: dammy on December 15, 2003, 03:32:09 PM
TeamAROS has recieved a $100 donation from the Knox Commodore Club ( for Bounty #3, TCP/IP.  TeamAROS would like to thank them for their generous contribution.

Bounty for TCP/IP is now $219.

Title: Re: TeamAROS Bounty #3
Post by: Rodney on December 15, 2003, 04:04:15 PM
If i get a job, i prmoise i'll put $100 dollars in. But is there other ways besides Pay Pal?

Also, thats 100 Australian dollars sorry :) but luckily for you the Oz dollar ant going to bad these days so that'll be around 70 dollars for you, rather than 40-50 dollars less than a year ago :)

Infact, if i get a good job, that pays in excess of 40 thousand a year, i'll give you 200 Australian dollars (140 US or there abouts)

Theres been huge advancements on AROS latly, all contributing to a usable OS and development platform. Wanderer and GCC come to mind. But something like a TCP ip stack gives us the possibility of having a working browser, icq, im client, server software smb/nfs/http/media/ lots of other usful software that will give AROS a userbase.

I'd just do it if was a good programmer, no matter what the bounty cause i have no job + heaps of time on my hands. But im not a fantastic programmer :(. But i am planning a port. Im looking at the source atm and trying to decide how to go about it! Maybe if i complete this port, in a year or two and AROS still hasnt got a TCP/IP stack i'll do it for ya :)

You know what would be fantastic? A web interface to compile you'r own aros so that you can get better screen sizes or something, because this is a compile time option atm right? Although the native one seems to detect it and do the right thing...
Title: Re: TeamAROS Bounty #3
Post by: bloodline on December 15, 2003, 05:22:42 PM
In AROS hosted I think you can specify the screen size in the command line... I could be wrong actually... :-)