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My OS 3.9 on my Samsung 23" LCD/TV (2)...
My OS 3.9 on my Samsung 23
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Description: This is my desktop of my A1200T with IBrowse 2.4 + Jabberwocky (with MSN/Yahoo transports) running AfA OS 4.2 with AntiAliased fonts :D
I definitely love the way that Skinning, and TTF fonts look like in browsing - Greek support also <3

System underneath:
- Dbox Tower
- Apollo 1260@66MHz, 64MB
- 60GB 3.5" HD, DVD-R both on FastATA mkIII
- ScanMagic SD
- Subway USB
- Mediator TX with Voodoo3, SB128, NIC, TVtuner

System connected to my new Samsung 23" LCD/TV with a native resolution of 1360x768 (It was really a pain in the butt to make it operate via P96 - Lotsa experimenting in P96 blind Edit mode)

soon to be attached...
- ArtiGo Pico-ITX PC into 5.25" bay
- Multicard Reader into 3.5" bay
- S-VHS card (thanks to DJbase)
(I'll attach hardware p0rn pics once the system is ready :D)

I hope you like it...!
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Posted by: mfilos at May 30, 2008, 10:44:27 PM

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Comments (5)

May 31, 2008, 12:35:32 PM
- AfA OS needs picasso96.
- AfA OS needs FPU.
- AfA Prefs needs huge stacksize. (30000 is ok)

Under AfA Prefs, you can select the skin of your choice
- If Sel.Skin is grayed, Morelibspace isn't in the start of your SS or it needs also the REBOOT [with caps] parameter. Check also if you have putted AfA_OS_Loader in your SS after AddDataTypes and before IPrefs
- In case you use Birdie and Visual Prefs, better disable them by commenting them in SS with a ";" to be able to troubleshoot better.
- If you still have issues drop me a PM since I had a lot of problems at the beggining but after lotsa reading and experimenting I managed to make it work flawlesly :D

May 31, 2008, 09:24:54 AM

OK, But when I installed AfA OS I didn't get any special theme options?  :-? Is there a special way to set the program up?

Thanks, Alex.
May 31, 2008, 08:31:36 AM

Yes as I said in my Photo's Info... I'm using AfA OS 4.2. (Skinning+Title Bar+TTF Antialiased fonts+IconsBeFast+etc)
AfA OS is really great as you don't need either Birdie nor Visual Prefs. It's all in one package which comes with 10 skins :D
My system is pretty quick and haven't seen any usual slowdown in performance once I installed AfA OS.

May 31, 2008, 12:44:37 AM
I think he is using AfA OS which has several skins.
May 31, 2008, 12:32:02 AM
Bloody hell, that looks fantastic! Can I ask how you got the OS4 Windowborders? I've tried setting up Birdie and VisualPrefs to look like that before but they never worked :-(... (Is there a special way to set them up?)

Also how did you do the top bar, Its pretty good!

Is it all too slow like this or is it still quick enough?

Cheers for any pointers, Alex.  :-)

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