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AuthorTopic: AMIGA FORUM #3 out now, plus ...  (Read 1281 times)

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Offline Yasu

AMIGA FORUM #3 out now, plus ...
« on: December 29, 2012, 01:24:52 PM »

The third issue of the Swedish Amiga magazine AMIGA FORUM is out now!

In this issue we do various hardware hacks, review games, talk about AmiWest 2012 and much more.

The magazine is maintained by Swedish User Group of Amiga (SUGA). It's free for it's members but also is for sale for non-members as well.

The magazine is in Swedish and comes out 4 times a year.

You can order it from: http://www.amigaforum.se and become a member of SUGA at http://www.suga.se (which is also cheaper than buying individual issues).



The magazines policy is that every issue except the two newest ones will  be available for free PDF download from out homepage. And with the  release of #3 our first issue is hereby available for download.


Happy reading! :)

Offline AmigaBruno

Re: AMIGA FORUM #3 out now, plus ...
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2012, 04:40:34 PM »
First of all, I should tell you all that I'm a bit like Dr Daniel Jackson from Stargate SG-1, meaning multilingual.  

I'm afraid that although I speak Swedish, I had problems even reading the front cover! I think you should post a list of computer terms in Swedish to help everyone understand it. I tried to translate "dataskärmor" on the translation site http://www.frengly.com , but it's been redesigned and doesn't seem to work at the moment. Can anyone recommend another translation site for Swedish? After reading through your magazine I know that "skärmor" means screens, but I'm still not sure about "dataskärmor". It's obviously some kind of display, but later on the terms "monitorer" and "LCD-skärmar" are used. The 1084 monitors are referred to as "1084-skärmarna".  If there was a plain text version of the magazine as well, then that should help people to get a translation. Your article about this has the headline "Platta monitorer - Koppla en modern bildskärm till din A1200 med Indivision", meaning "Flat monitors - Hooking up a modern monitor to your A1200 with Indivision".

After this, still on the cover you mention "Platta harddiskerersättare". This says to me "flat hard disk replacements". I understood about the "dataskärmor" being flat, but hard disks are pretty flat themselves. Your article talks about using CF cards as hard drive replacements in classic Amigas, which seems quite popular. I wonder how they are flat, though, as they're a few millimetres thick. A sheet of paper is more like flat, although it does have some thickness.  

BTW, my recommended reading for learning Swedish is Swedish by Teach Yourself Books.
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Offline Yasu

Re: AMIGA FORUM #3 out now, plus ...
« Reply #2 on: December 31, 2012, 01:01:52 AM »
Well, this IS a magazine meant for the Swedish speaking community and from my personal experience, all these terms are in pretty wide use in the Amiga community here. I'm not sure if you mean that you speak Swedish or not, but it would take up way to much valuable space to include an explanation for every computer term there is for there are quite a lot of them.

"Skärmar" does mean "screens" and "dataskärmar" means "computer screens" ("data" means computer or computing). Swedish doesn't like to reuse the same word over and over so there are a lot of different words used for the same thing.

With "flat hard disk replacement" I did mean flat stuff like CF cards. Paper is flatter of course, but for me at least a CF card feels flat and a 2.5" HDD does not. I used the terms because several of the articles where about flat screens and small HDD replacement cards so the term seemed fitting.

Offline AmigaBruno

Re: AMIGA FORUM #3 out now, plus ...
« Reply #3 on: January 01, 2013, 02:52:10 AM »
I DO speak Swedish, but due to the lack of Swedish instructions in multilingual computer and software manuals, as well as almost all Swedish TV channels being encrypted, this means I haven't learnt the Swedish computer terms. If the terms used aren't similar enough to German, Dutch, French, or English computer terms, then this causes problems for me. Anyway, you've posted these messages about a Swedish language magazine in an English language forum, so you should expect some questions about what the articles in the magazine say.

I may post a list of Swedish terms in this topic and ask you what they mean, as well as a list of terms I understand.

Offline Yasu

Re: AMIGA FORUM #3 out now, plus ...
« Reply #4 on: January 04, 2013, 03:29:55 PM »
Ok, I understand then.

The reasons I post the news here are mainly because: 1, considering how small the Amiga community is nowadays every good news is newsworthy. And 2, a lot of Swedish Amiga users hang around in international forums and not in Swedish ones since most Swedes understand English well. So it's good to spread the word here as well.

If you have any more questions about terminology, I'll be happy to answer them.

Offline AmigaBruno

Re: AMIGA FORUM #3 out now, plus ...
« Reply #5 on: January 18, 2013, 05:05:44 PM »
I thought I should try and post a translation of some or all of the articles in this magazine, so non Swedish speakers could benefit from it.

There's an introduction or editorial on page 2, which isn't listed on the contents page. This article asks the question "What is an Amiga?", then lists five different types of Amigas, including emulators.

The descriptions of all the articles in this magazine are as follows.

Club news

The Demo Editor's column

Nikolaos Tomatsidis – an interview with the man who gave us AspireOS

Real Time in Real Time in Real Time – a scene short story by Browallia/Nukleus

S video card from SUGA – Hobbyists can hook up their Amigas to newer monitors

Compact card – Using a Compact Flash card as a hard drive in your Amiga

Quiet, quick, and big - Installing a solid state drive in your Amiga

Does your computer smell of fish? - You've got a leaky battery

Flat screens – Hooking up a modern monitor to your Amiga with Indivision

Obviously, there's already been a lot of articles and videos about using CF cards as hard drives, changing batteries, and Indivision, so I'll try and translate one or more of the other articles first.
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