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Author Topic: Compiler compatibility  (Read 865 times)


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Compiler compatibility
« on: April 21, 2004, 02:24:23 PM »

Just a quick question. Precisely how compatible with normal gcc is stormc4 gcc?

I'm specifically interested in

1) source level compatibility (I gather sc4-gcc is 2.95.3 compatible)

2) object/library compatibility

I'm doing some transitional work from old SC3, via SC4 (the IDE makes this relatively painless) to gcc. Several things annoy me about this interim SC4/gcc version

1) The final exe size is unacceptably large eg, a C++ program that was 56Kb in SC3 is 120Kb in SC4, even though the object files are typically the same size or smaller.

2) The threadsafe.lib of stormc4 still seems to have some issues with exception processing in a multithreaded environment; SC3 used to completely go nuts, often unwinding the wrong stack, stormc4 seems to occasionally crash the thread that throws an exception.

3) The runtime resource tracker reports lots of ersatz memory leaks. For example a simple program (that just opens a dialog box) reports up to 16 chunks unfreed that totalled some 700K, which is insane because at most it allocates a few kilobytes for a string buffer :-D. The memory leaks seem to be fake in that testing from the CLI with various resource trackers (even good old 'avail total') show no leaks.

So, can standard gcc link libs be used in place of the stormc gcc ones or not?


The memory leak thing seems to have only really occured since shoving the OS includes stuff into a namespace to keep the global clean (the application code doens't contain any OS references), but I can't be sure if it alone is soley responsible. As I said, the leaks appear to be fake.
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