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AuthorTopic: AmiDARK Engine "bouncing" back.  (Read 1582 times)

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AmiDARK Engine "bouncing" back.
« on: February 18, 2015, 12:26:46 PM »
Hello to everyone.

As the bounty failed due to the fact that the requested sum was not in definitive, reached, and also that I saw that if I accepted the sum, It will not stop some things from being, I decided, after taking the time to breathe and think abount an other way to continue the development of the game engine, to take this decision :

With my financial situation starting to become better ( my wife find a new job few days ago, and it's where she always wanted to work with her new skills/graduate she acquired 2 years ago :) , and for my case, I continue my vocational training that is not yet finished), things should become better withing the next few months for us. And it's a good news :)

So, there is no more *real* need for a financial help like it was decided during 2014 and that leaded on the idea of the community to a bounty. However, I cannot (yet) acquire a new Amiga NG configuration to continue the development and tests the changes (we are always under the official overdebt procedure with French Bank)
That's why, to those that did contribute to the original bounty (and to all those that want), I propose you to contribute in another way to the project.

It's quite simple : You can make a donation to the project directly from the official website.
Just here : http://www.amidark-engine.com/spip.php?article6
And mention in the donation comments, to which platform your donation is dedicaced between : AmigaOS4, MorphOS, AROS, AmigaOS68k
You can choose 1, 2, 3 or 4 of these platforms. Your sum will be splitted equally to all platforms you'll have choosen.
You can also choose simply that your donation is only used for the "engine development". But don't forget that to purely continue improvements, bug fixing, it's really better to have at least one Amiga NG computer on which I can test what I changed (until to see beta tester, send them files, wait for their feedback, etc... process that can be really slow and cause of time lost in the development).

And what will happen to your donation?
From now, I'll keep a diary of all donations (like it is done in a bounty), and the sum acquired.
When I'll get enough, I will acquire new Amiga NG computers to continue the development of the AmiDARK Engine (per preferency AmigaOS4 one, but MorphOS and AROS are also in the run and all will depend on you and your choices!).

Initially the donation will be used depending on which AmigaOS platform you'll set it but, if the sum acquired for a dedicaced platform is higher than the need to acquire a computer for it and OS licence for it, the remaining value will be splitted equally for the other platforms.

It's an idea that will probably takes many months to reach enough for some of the four platforms so, I decided to launch it now. It will probably leave me enough time to finish my vocational training (should be finished before august 2015 ending). That mean the project should restart before ending 2015.
Here is concerning the financial part.

For now, concerning the Engine and its progression/evolution, here is what is decided :

1. The engine will be entirely restructured.

2. If BSZili agree, I will keep some of the changes he've done to the engine for the new engine. I will personaly check and choose which changes will be kept.

3. Concerning Daytona675x bug report (and I've already saved all of them on my hard drive)
3a. During the Review, I have already fixed some of them and I will continue fix all I think that are important firstly.
3b. All that is purely "coding style" will maybe not be fixed as user will never get access to the engine source code itself, the only important thing is that the engine work perfectly. They're not a high priority as there are more important things to do before.
3c. All the "checking" that can lead to *crash* on *unstable* behaviour will be added during the integration and the development of the "Error Handler". Don't forget that more checkings = slower engine.

4. During the time I will not have a new AmigaOS NG computer, I will concentrate on fixing bugs and adding the "Error Handler" system.
When I'll have at least one new Amiga NG Computer, I will continue bug fixing but, I'll restart to add new features to the engine. I will consider these computers as "community computer". That mean I will never resell them even if I'm on the need.

5. Concerning the roadmap, the main goal is to keep a high percent of compatibility with DarkGDK (with the command set names and, I'll add #define to allow direct compatibility (to transform deXXXX functions to dbXXXX functions naming convention). And once the engine will be finished to Add an IDE to makes an AmiDARK BASIC based on AmiDARK Engine and as compatible as possible with DarkBASIC Professional.

6. Concerning the evolution of the engine itself, I will continue to work on a *secret* part of the engine that can makes it become really powerful for Demo Making. It's a *Sequential 3D Engine system*. The current structure of the engine already allow this but, I must add a new "module" that will be dedicaced to this task by adding specific command to handle *render lists* for this job.

Of course, it's a work done on my "free time". That mean I cannot confirm a precise "speed" in the development progress.


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Re: AmiDARK Engine "bouncing" back.
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2015, 02:02:30 AM »
Donate again? What happened to my original donation at power to the people' was it? Granted it was only 20 dollars or so, but I'm semi confused here. The bounty was reached as far as I remember.

Help me understand:)

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Re: AmiDARK Engine "bouncing" back.
« Reply #2 on: February 19, 2015, 05:57:33 AM »
You should have received an e-mail from power2people saying the bounty was failed and how to get your money back.
If not, contact them.