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AuthorTopic: [C, VBCC, MUI] Dirlist and multiselect  (Read 828 times)

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[C, VBCC, MUI] Dirlist and multiselect
« on: October 09, 2006, 05:18:38 PM »
Do anyone of you have an experianece with reading multiselected items of Dirlist object?
I can't find any example regarding this. All I've found concern only regular List or NList.
I've tried to apply one of them to Dirlist:

long pos;

for(pos = MUIV_List_NextSelected_Start; pos != MUIV_List_NextSelected_End; DoMethod(mydirlist, MUIM_List_NextSelected, &pos) )
/* 'pos' variable shoud contain the number of another item. here I process it. */

but this loop execute only ones (regardless of number of selected items in Dirlist) and then "pos" variable is set to -1.
On the other hand if I try to obtain the number of selected entries (via MUIM_List_Selected method) it work superb.
Also if I want to select an entry automaticaly it works great.
So, while this works very good with Dirlist, why MUIM_List_NextSelected seems to not?
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