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« on: April 07, 2003, 09:53:18 AM »
To Karlos:
- absolutely anything at all would be better than nothing! And don't underestimate the Apache(or thttpd)+PHP+MySQL(or PostgreeSQL) world! Many companies like it more 'cause it's free, it's safer, it's lighter, it's Unix oriented. Just a bit more complicated, but programmers are working on this... Anyway I Amiga always been (and I think will be more with OS4) a personal use computer, and thttpd will be a good personal use webserver!

To Ilwrath:
- yeah sounds great! About Mozilla: it's a too mastodontic, slow and too much unix oriented project for amiga. Sounds a bit better the new Phoenix project.
- About Amiga webbrowsers: I found that the most correct html rendering at the moment is made by Ibrowse; yes, CSS, flash, XHTML, Java and why not SVG are missing, but good HTML 4.01, nearly good Javascript, PHP4 and MySQL would be a very good start for many projects (then you can COMPLETE the job at the office with you Windoze)

To KennyR:
- I think as a visual designer. I personally find using commodity is easier and more workbench style than every tcp/ip stuff  tried until now. Too many parameters, lack of simple documentation, obscure behaviours: I don't want to be a technical net programmer, I just want to put my contents on the Net and see if somebody else can see it working! I'm bored to set .ini and .config files full of parameters! It's not my job! (What's "Inetd" is anyway? I just know it's a config file inside AmiTCP/db drawer...)

To Hameer:
- What do you mean with "unified control center"?

To amigau:
- I don't think using an Arexx webserver can attract people from outside Amiga world at all (and also from inside). It's a too much custom kind of technology and no other platfrom know it...
- I'm sorry to say that I've never compile anything; just got it "as is" from Louise; I don't even know from where I have to start to compile something...

Anyway: I think will be nice to find something like thttp ready to use as a commodity (or some sort of EASY program to move in my wbstartup or other solution that don't need to write any word: I've already learnt PHP+MySQL, please!) in the "contrib" drawer on the OS4 install cd. Somebody out there want to do anything about this officially with the OS4 team?

Thanks Hyperion for your sacrifices in this period! I completely support what you're doing for the Amiga community!