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AuthorTopic: Status report: InstallBuilder  (Read 810 times)

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Offline ShawnBaxe

Status report: InstallBuilder
« on: April 02, 2005, 04:39:20 PM »
Alright...now I think it's time for a status report. I've started developing the InstallBuilder some time ago. It's an app which makes it easier to create/edit/maintain scripts for the C= Installer. Current version is 0.2 (pre-alpha). The whole GUI has been rewritten. It is now a texteditor with menus and a toolbar. The toolbar and the menus contain typical installer-tasks which can be inserted into the script (at the position the cursor currently is). There is a command-button/menu which allows to create a script-skeleton when starting a new script. The app uses the textfield.gadget 3.1 as found on aminet, because the ReAction texteditor.gadget lacks some functionality (like custom-fonts, styles and border-removal), but the textfield.gadget shouldn't make any trouble. It's 100% BOOPSI :D
The whole project is developed in ANSI-C++ and compiled with StormGCC (StormC 4). I am currently working on some C++ classes which provide an easier way of GUI-object creation. If you have any suggestions or comments, just contribute them here. They're welcome. I want InstallBuilder to be useful, so I will try to customize it to the users' needs if possible.