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Author Topic: Next SCCAN meeting - Saturday, Sept. 9  (Read 836 times)


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Next SCCAN meeting - Saturday, Sept. 9
« on: September 03, 2017, 05:12:24 AM »
Happy September, C= and Ami comrades!

The next meeting of the Southern California Commodore & Amiga Network is Saturday, Sept. 9, from 2 to 5+ p.m. at

  Panera Bread Restaurant
  19662 Nordhoff Street
  Northridge, California
  (818) 407-9400

     I'll summarize my thoughts on the July 29-30 Commodore Vegas Expo (big thanks to the SCCAN members who came in force to CommVEx!), and we'll talk about the upcoming Amiwest Show on October 21-22 in Sacramento.

     In addition to the usual Amiga 1200, Plus/4, and VIC-20, there will be the Educator 64, last seen at the June Pacific Commodore Expo (no AmigaOne G4 this time in order to make room for the E64).  If I can dig it out, there will be the Vampire 500 (still not installed in any machine, though I'm leaning toward the Amiga 2000).

     Have your Commodore/Amiga orders ready, because I'm going to Europe and can bring back small/medium-sized C=/Ami items in my suitcases.  Closer to home, I'll be distributing a carload of C= stuff from former user Tim of Idylwild.

     As always, bring any Commodore or Amiga items you wish to share!

          Robert Bernardo
          Southern California Commodore & Amiga Network