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Author Topic: Amiga Future 98 (September/October 2012, ENGLISH) incl. CD-ROM (full colour), worldwi  (Read 2218 times)


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Amiga Future 98

In full colour!

This issue is also available in German language (both editions are otherwise identical).

If you are interested in the English edition of Amiga Future, please order your copy as soon as possible or get a subscription, this helps determine how many copies must be printed. Thanks.

Zeus, Sqrxz.

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Data management in AmigaDOS part 2, Mercurial part 1, C-Workshop part 15.

Classic Reflections 5 (Digita International), Caanoo part 1.

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CD Contents:

The Attack of the Green Smelly Aliens From Planet 27b/6, Galleons, Magic Forest 2, Flies - Attack on Earth, Fatal Heritage

Public Domain:
    [*] AmigaOS4: amisystemrestore, freeciv-sdl, grunch, hurrican, Koules_OS4, netpbm, ptplay_tnplug, ReportPlus-OS4, snoopy, uade
    [*] AROS: aros5_theme_v1, hexen2-utils.aros-i386, hexen2.aros-i386, hexenw-utils.aros-i386, hexenworld.aros-i386, Koules-AROS, retrofunk_aros_theme_v1, Saga-AROS, WormWars-AROS
    [*] Classic: Abbo, AmigaBootSelector, AmigaParachute, AmiQuake, AmiSystemRestore, AmiTCP-api-30b2, AmiTCP-bin-30b2, AmiTCP-src-30b2, BitchX-11, Bricky, cddapatch, cdplayer_lib, chnfsc102-30b2, codesets-6.14, CongstarCFG, DesignerSP, DiamondBOX150, DOpus4SP, DrawerBall, ErmentrudDemo, fail_68k, getbestmode, gocart_68k, HollywoodSP, icbm3d_68k, IconLib_46.4, Jack_Classic, Jack_WarpOS, kitty0.622, Koules, listID, moon-buggy_68k, oki_68k, OpenURL-7.11, quickcamexpress_vhi, QuickStarterSP, ReportPlus, RLD_68k, ShowOpenDocument, spacefighter_68k, SysLock4.0, SysLock4.0b, timberwolf, TinyLauncher, VAMP, Wazp3D, xsoldier_68k, Ybrick
    [*] MorphOS: jhead-mos, KoulesMOS, mo5_sdk-mos, ReportPlusMOS
    [*] Multimedia: BoingsWorld Podcast Episode 29 and 30

    Previous English issues: 97 (July/August 2012), 96 (May/June 2012), 95 (March/April 2012), 94 (January/February 2012), 93 (November/December 2011), 92 (September/October 2011), 91 (July/August 2011), 90 (May/June 2011), 89 (March/April 2011), 88 (January/February 2011), 87 (November/December 2010), 86 (September/October 2010).

    Why not subscribe to Amiga Future today? :)

    Item currently not available, ETA September 05, 2012.

    EUR 9.50 incl. 7% German VAT (EUR 8.88 excl. VAT for non-EU customers)