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Author Topic: Amiga Future 97 (July/August 2012, ENGLISH) incl. CD-ROM (full colour), worldwide shi  (Read 2201 times)


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Amiga Future 97

In full colour!

This issue is also available in German language (both editions are otherwise identical).

If you are interested in the English edition of Amiga Future, please order your copy as soon as possible or get a subscription, this helps determine how many copies must be printed. Thanks.

MorphOS 3.0, Amiga Forever, C64 Forever, USB Joystick Adapter, Zelda - Mystery of Solarus DX, Atari ST Conversions, Gravity Beam, Downfall, TetriCrisis 4, Letters Fall 3, Dune II: The Battle for Arrakis, Saga, AmiCygnix, iBatch, WinUAE, FS-UAE, WiiUAE, Janus-UAE.

Data Management in AmigaDOS part 1, Virtual Screens on Amiga, C Workshop part 14.

A-EON News, Classic Reflections 5 (ASDG Inc).

Computer Meeting Braunschweig, Commodore Meeting Wien, Editorial, Contents, News, Up2Date, Imprrint, Cover CD Content, Letters to the Editor, Preview.

CD Contents:

Boombox, Eady Ledgers Accounting, Foundation Gold, GALer, Scene Handler.

Public Domain:
    [*]AmigaOS4: api, assist, bi, cl_wb_drawer, CodeWar-OS4, dunelegacy, excalibur, ibatch, image2icon, installer, keepahiopen, lha, loview, LoViewOS4, mixer, openjazz, pushover, sketchblock, sm502_audio, sweeper, uqm-src, vamp,
    [*]AROS: darkplaces.i386-aros, fuhquake.aros-src, fuhquake.i386-aros, hexen2.aros-i386, hexen2.src-aros, hexenw-utils.aros-i386, hexenworld.aros-i386, LoViewAROS, odyssey-1.16.2-aros, uqm.i386-aros.tar, uqm.src-aros.tar,
    [*]Classic: AMRWolf, anaiis, anaiis_boot, anaiis_lowlevel, AWolf3D, AWolf3D_src, BeastieWorker_68k, black-box_68k, blockrage_68k, BOOM, BootMonFix, cdplayer_lib_ahi, CodeWar-OS3, crawl_68k, dangen_68k, depth_68k, devinfos, DrawerBall, FText_v18, gnurobbo_68k, HollywoodSP, i2iGUI-V2, image_to_odg_1.0, Jack_Classic, Jack_WarpOS, kusemono_68k, LanCamTool, LoViewOS3, LoViewWOS, MEMO, myman_68k, ncfighter_68k, nc_pacman_68k, netsurf, NinjawSCafe, noiz2sa_68k, nsnake_68k, nuclearchess_68k, Operation_Sirius_OS3, osgg_68k, PinkAlert, ppm2fli_68k, psttrl_68k, rrootage_68k, ScummVM_AGA_030, ScummVM_ECS_030, sdlroids_68k, simcar_68k, sinflators_68k, StartBar-ITA, Tail-Tale_68k, tankcommand_68k, tenmado_68k, thttpd2.21b_working_php, timberwolf, uqm-src, uqm, vodovod_68k, wet_update, WinNet, WormWarsSP, zbar,
    [*]MorphOS: CodeWar-MOS, jhead-mos, LoViewMOS, mo5_sdk-mos, nuclearchess-mos, optipng-0.7.1-morphos, ptrans-mos, tric-tac-toe-mos, WormWarsMOS,
    [*]Multimedia: BoingsWorld Podcast Episodes 27 and 28

    Previous English issues: 96 (May/June 2012), 95 (March/April 2012), 94 (January/February 2012), 93 (November/December 2011), 92 (September/October 2011), 91 (July/August 2011), 90 (May/June 2011), 89 (March/April 2011), 88 (January/February 2011), 87 (November/December 2010), 86 (September/October 2010).

    Why not subscribe to Amiga Future today? :)

    Item currently not available, ETA July 05, 2012.

    EUR 9.50 incl. 7% German VAT (EUR 8.88 excl. VAT for non-EU customers)