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Author Topic: Compuquick's Update for March 2002  (Read 3268 times)


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Compuquick's Update for March 2002
« on: February 23, 2002, 08:47:00 PM »
What follows is the CompuQuick Update for March.  Lots to talk about here, so enjoy...

Hello Fellow Amigans !!

We greet you as Winter ends soon and Spring dawns on the World of Amiga.

It is great to be able to post on Amiga.org and be in touch with all of you in real time.

1.Amiga Expo is coming up at the end of next month. We plan to be there along with several fine Amiga Vendors. Our booth will serve all of you visitors at the Show with all available Amiga goodies asu usual.

So please come in large numbers to the Show and also attend the Dinner Banquet and support this great effort by Kermit.

2. It may interest Amigans to know that while all of us wait for O.S.4.0 and related upgrades to our beloved platform, we at Compuquick have in stock Amiga items that are not available anywhere else at present.

a. Cyberstorm PPC Accelerators for Amiga 3000/4000.

b. Cybersorm MK-3 Accelerators for Amiga 3000/4000.

c. Blizzard PPC Accelerators for Amiga 1200's.

d. Blizzard 1260's and 1240's for Amiga 1200's.

e. Amiga 1200's with 260mb hard drives and the Magic Software Pack.

f.Cybervision 64 3D and B Vision graphic cards.

g. G Rexx PCI and the Mediator PCI Expansion cards for the 1200's.

h. Z4  zorro expansion cards for Amiga 1200's.

i. Those rare Scan Do External Scan Doublers+ Flicker Fixers for all Amigas.

Please check out our website at www.compuquick-amigadirect.com and order the items you may need.

Amiga OS XL Bundles are in stock and we are giving away a free Boing Mouse Pad with these.

Thank you for your support as always and Long Live the Amiga.

COLUMBUS. OH. 43213.
TEL: 614-235-1180, 614-235-3601.
FAX: 614-235-1180
EMAIL : sales@compuquick-amigadirect.com