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Title: Ubuntu 7.10
Post by: amigadave on March 09, 2008, 04:58:48 AM
I am typing this while running the 7.10 Ubuntu CDROM and like it so far.  I chose to look at Ubuntu because many here were recommending it to others and I had also read good things on other sites about it.  I think I am going to install it on my second 250GB HD with 100GB for Ubuntu, 50GB for Amiga OS3.9 and the remaining 100GB reserved for MacOS10x86 when I get around to trying to get it installed and running.  I'll run WinUAE from the first HD which is running XP Pro, but might also try EUAE on Ubuntu.

What are some of your favorite Linux programs and games?

Please include where they can be found if you know it.
Title: Re: Ubuntu 7.10
Post by: kd7ota on March 09, 2008, 07:00:21 AM
I actually got it installed on a 2nd 80 gig sata drive. As far as favorite applications, i just use the ones for now that it comes with until I get the feel for it. :)

Everything works like a charm with no problems.

Frostwire and XMMS music player are the two other programs off the top of my head that I got separately. Cedega if you want to play windows based games on linux.  :-)
Title: Re: Ubuntu 7.10
Post by: amigadave on March 09, 2008, 08:53:41 AM
I tried to install in to my empty, but formatted, 2nd 250GB HD, but it reported an error that said it could not partition any partitions that were controlled by or administrated by Windows, or something like that.  I'll probably try again tomorrow or next week.