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AuthorTopic: Broadway 0.0.2 R12 "lightning"..... need beta testers  (Read 1296 times)

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Broadway 0.0.2 R12 "lightning"..... need beta testers
« on: February 17, 2011, 09:24:01 PM »
Hello friends,

i am slowly progressing but i have not enough time to add things and test them.

So i am uploading now a public test iso http://dl.dropbox.com/u/9349609/broadway.iso.7z

PLEASE wait until tomorrow because my internet is in heavy use and uploading takes a bit.

Changes since the last official release:
added quickrecord
added text2pdf
added avibuild
added Dega ((Yannick improved SDL-version)
added AudioEvolution 4 demo
added Bochs
added FPSE
added VisualboyAdvance

updated WeatherForecast
updated OpenTyrian (Yannick improved SDL)
updated Bigband (compiled by Yannick using his pimped SDL library)

Quickstarter layout (WIP - the vertical Version is still not updated)

Improved performance:
This ISO comes with latest Mesa drivers
Also i changed manually the priority of some tasks to improve reliability

I managed to make the ISO smaller - this should help everyone who had trouble with the last ISO which was some MB over 700.... i tested my ISO with a 700MB CDRW (which gave me problems in the past) and it worked like a charm : )

What i need are some tester:
1. Please check which programs are slowing down the quickstarter
(it happend for Quake(fixed now), it happend with Protrekker(fixed now)
2. Please check out OWB with some heavy pages (priority is now lower)
3. Please check if everything starts
4. Please try ZuneARC (compressing/ decompressing)
5. Please check out all app icons in SYS:Prefs (it may be that some of them won't work)
6. Please test the above mentioned SDL apps (improved by Yannick)

For Virtualbox User:
Please set AC97 in AHI for at least Music-unit and unit0 (otherwise Protrekker and HivelyTracker will not run)
For Networking you have to choose the PCNET32.device in Network prefs.
You can reach both PREFS via Quickstarter

General info:
If you need to change resolution with a native driver, you will need to cloth all open windows which are:
1. The clock (right click and quit)
2. quickstarter (highlight it and press ctrl-c)

Thank you for you help! My intention is to fix all small bugs...
i will add more apps until release and some nice goodies.
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Re: Broadway 0.0.2 R12 "lightning"..... need beta testers
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2011, 09:19:49 PM »

Now that we have the LogIn manager by ntromans i can jump to 0.0.3 : D

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