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AuthorTopic: BTTC Still Up Through September  (Read 903 times)

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BTTC Still Up Through September
« on: September 12, 2005, 04:25:55 PM »
After submitting my cancellation notice to the web hosting company, I've found out there is a 30 day cancellation policy.  Since they are successful in leaching another month's fees from me, BTTC will be open for the rest of the month.  That means you still have time (stock is now very limited) to buy AROS-BTTC T-Shirts and make a credit card donation to AROS at the same time.

Remember, this is the only way for credit/debit cards can be used to make a donation to TeamAROS.  Neither myself nor Holley can/will accept credit/debit card donations.  

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