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Title: asking a new feature request
Post by: rednova on September 19, 2010, 11:31:38 PM
Dear Friends:

I want to ask for a new feature request for the new aladdin 4d.
Here it goes:

I have a great pc system with the latest lightwave upgrade.
I also have WINUAE installed in the pc...which alllows me to use amiga emulation
and to share files between amiga emu and pc.
I also have an amiga 1200 030/50mhz/32mb.
I cannot afford to get amiga lightwave at the present, because I spent much on my
lightwave pc system.
I just had an idea...if I use lightwave (pc) and render an animation as an Iff sequence (frames sequence) then I could go to amiga emulation and load the sequence then
assemble the frames as an Iff animation. Then I can have an amiga animation using
fast lw pc to render.
The only problem is I do not have any amiga software that can assemble the frames
sequence ( and also run on winUAE ).
The older aladdin 4d could do all this...but is far on my amiga...and the aladdin on winUAE
does not allow to do this ( which is one of the few things that do not work on emulation ).
I would request for a new feature to be implemented into the new aladdin:
namely to 'load' a sequence of frames (IFF) and then to render as a single amiga animation.
Would it be possible to implement this feature ?
ANy thoughts ?
If this is would allow me to make beautiful lightwave animations very fast
and then to render in aladdin to make an amiga IFF animation.
Please help ?

Love !!!
Title: Re: asking a new feature request
Post by: Pyromania on September 21, 2010, 09:32:04 AM
We can look into it for you.