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Title: 3d printers
Post by: Kesa on September 23, 2012, 12:11:43 PM
So why cannot we print new Amiga cases?

Title: Re: 3d printers
Post by: commodorejohn on September 23, 2012, 02:43:18 PM
Probably no reason. But are you suggesting that we also use 3D printers to design, manufacture, and debug PCBs? I don't think cases are the limiting factor in neo-Amiga designs.

(On this note, I wonder if there's any comparison out there on 3D printer cost-effectiveness and how it scales with quantity, as compared to a full-fledged molding operation; all the nerds are getting their panties moist over the fact that it's possible, but nobody ever seems to mention whether it's especially practical.)
Title: Re: 3d printers
Post by: Kesa on December 15, 2012, 01:22:19 AM
Title: Re: 3d printers
Post by: nadoom on December 18, 2012, 02:50:40 PM
Have a look at the DIY mendelmax you can get the parts and build it yourself, I think the problem with those designs is the 'DPI' but from what I can see once you have built the thing you can print 3D models, it would be interesting to see how the software would handle lightwave objects, I expect there is a method of exporting to the required format.
Title: Re: 3d printers
Post by: Coolhand on January 08, 2013, 12:43:11 PM
Why buy or a make a whole printer when there are plenty of easy to use print services available?

I build a lot of models for shapeways:

and have designed bits for computers.

I'm blatantly plugging my store and services - my customer feedback thread if you need something designed I do take commissions, yes:D but you can order prints from any store on there, there are hundreds of other sellers.

Items are printed on demand and delivered usually in a couple of weeks, they have production facilities in Europe and the US.

As for Lightwave, as long as it can export to .stl format you can get a properly constructed lightwave model printed anywhere. .stl is one of the oldest 3d formats, and very simple, no frills. so pretty much every 3d application should be able output to it.

Shapeways is more flexible with regards to format and mesh integrity than many other print services, but there are always many rules to follow in constructing a printable mesh that can make things more complicated than constructing a model for other purposes.

I imagine this would be really useful to lots of people interested in modding or replacing rare retro items, designing and printing any shape of mounts, clips, panels and so on.  A full case even may even be possible but its limited by the physical size of the printer of course!  

As for whether its commercially viable, bear this in mind, something twice the size can cost 8 times as much, as costs are largely determined by print volume which is directly related to print time, costs can be saved by hollowing out shapes and keeping wall thicknesses at a minimum.