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Offline blobrana

« on: August 07, 2007, 10:36:07 PM »
Megavideo, is a video sharing website based in Hong Kong, similar to YouTube.  However, they claim that they are better than  YouTube for ten reasons:

   1. Video publishers can earn money through a rewards program
   2. Publishers can also earn money through AdBrite in-video advertisements
   3. Users can move the playback position to anywhere in the video
   4. The website supports twenty languages
   5. The video player can be customised to match the designs of websites where you want to embed
   6. There is no maximum playtime for video uploads
   7. Video conversion takes no more than 30 minutes
   8. Videos can be uploaded in batch
   9. Original video files can be downloaded
  10. Megavideo loves you more than YouTube

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It is worth checking out getvideo.lha on aminet to download  FLV files.