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AuthorTopic: game I play online...  (Read 762 times)

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game I play online...
« on: August 19, 2005, 04:58:31 AM »
 sh33p^cF  got me playing this @#$! game a few years ago....  I had no idea how much of an obssession it would turn into.

 I actually met some people from this game on my way to Tennessee once.......  so it's had some pretty good benefits.

 Strange.   I've known sh33p, NeRP, Maxicon, TheGrimReaper, and many others on AmigaIRC  all these years, dating back to at least 1997 and have yet to meet any of them.

 Yet, I play this game and meet people in person and on the phone and have had equally as wild times.

 Be warned,  the subject matter isn't exactly tame.  You'll end up meeting some professional trolls and flamers if you go to the chat or the forums.  But they are all really pussycats when you get to know them ;)

 So turn yourself into a pincushion, fire up the browser and step into the world of prostitutes  (hoz)  and thugs.

 This game is also enjoyed better if you are good and drunk. -author

 btw,  I get 50 turns for everyone who signs up using my username as a referral there.  Of course these turns will be used to build my pimped out donkey self up.....  but hey isn't that the idea?


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