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Title: Infinium Phantom (or should they have called it Vapor)
Post by: adolescent on November 22, 2005, 09:20:29 AM
Does anyone think that the (aptly named) Phantom...

A) Actually exists?
B) Will ever be released?
C) Was anything other than a scam to steal venture capital from investors desperate to get into the multi-billion dollar video game industry?

The latest news seems to point towards "No" answers to above questions.  

Bachus Quits Infinium (

With what appears to be the last piece of legitimacy leaving the company, what other conclusions could be made?  

IMHO, it was a good idea.  A PC based game system/appliance/stb with PPV type games distribution system.  If it was cheaper than outfitting a complete 3GHz PC, I'd be very interested.  But, AFAIK, the company has yet to show even a prototype to the public after more than 2 years.