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Title: Tablet Driver
Post by: on January 13, 2003, 04:26:34 PM
I recently decided to add a Wacom Graphire to my 3KT system and was told that they were only made in USB these days. I was told that if I bought a used serial port unit, that a driver could easily be purchased seperatly..
  I've got the tablet, and no drivers seem to be available. H & P is saying that they're not sure any will ever be available again. Does anyone out there have a driver for one of these things?
Title: Re: Tablet Driver
Post by: SlimJim on January 13, 2003, 05:39:10 PM
I have a Wacom Graphire and it works excellently with H&P:s
You can buy the driver (and the tablet too I think) from GGS
data in Sweden last I looked.

GGSData Programvaror (

- Just scroll down to "Wacom driver", even
if you don't know swedish, you'll find it somewhere
halfways down the list.

Don't know about delivery to foreign contries, but if you
contact them at

GGS-contactPage (

you'll probably be able to work something out.