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Title: "Current Amigas"
Post by: Rooster on June 13, 2005, 08:35:36 PM
Ok, so recently I posted about ressurecting my Amiga days when I stumbled apon a A2000HD, and have been non-stop at it and brought out my old A500..  

How many people out there are running Amiga's, the newer ones, daily..  Like the 3000's, the 4000's, and this new AmigaONE I'm reading about..  That OS4 looks hot, not that 3.9 doesn't (I'm running 2.1 and 1.3 atm).  I was hoping there for a bit that OS4 would run on PC..  Mistakenly read an article that it's linux-based and therefore would run on a PC, essentially making your PC a moden-day Amiga.  

Anywho..  Before I even consider something like an AmigaONE, what do the people have to say about it?  I read the specs, but I'm curious how many people have one and their comments.  There's only one place listed in America, and it's several states away, so unless I'm going on a HUGE roadtrip, just to see one, there's no "look-at" before you buy...  Eventually, like several others out there, I hope to have a mini-collection here in the States of Amigas.  But for the time being, after what I've seen, I'd also like to sample the latest and greatest..  Just unsure if the 3/4000 or AmigaONE is the way to go......

Title: Re: "Current Amigas"
Post by: Karlos on June 13, 2005, 08:47:26 PM
I think most amigas are pretty "current" in that they all get used a fair bit by many owners.

For my own part I have several A1200s here, my main one having the BlizzardPPC / BVision combo. This system is quite capable of doing everything I need it to, so I'm happy enough.

Asking about the perfmance of an AmigaOne is likely going to open a huge can of worms.

However, I prefer to look at it in relational terms to my 68040 / PPC based A1200s. I loaned a friends A1XE for a while (800MHz G4) and it is simply in a completely different class speed wise.
Title: Re: "Current Amigas"
Post by: sundown on June 14, 2005, 06:02:50 AM

I went from an A4000T/060 to a µA1-C. My 4000 had a PicassoIV with OS3.9. I haven't used it the last 2 months because the A1 is running most of the programs I like to use. The "shock & awe" isn't quit the same as coming from an AGA system, but it is much faster. If you're going to stay with a classic, I would get a fast cpu, graphics card, a VGA monitor, & OS3.9. A cheaper way may be a PC running Amiga Forever or some other Amiga emulation. I love my A1 & I'm looking forward to update#3, should be this week. :-)
Title: Re: "Current Amigas"
Post by: Chain on June 14, 2005, 06:10:39 AM
different class of speed for different class of price :( A1 cost my three month salary there (Bananarep. i swear! our government is one big tuft of bananas or at least they have bananas insead of brains), so i must have PC, damn.
Title: Re: "Current Amigas"
Post by: Rooster on June 17, 2005, 08:56:29 AM
I see your points.. Sometimes I type without thinking.. lol

I guess what I should have said was...

I've never heard of an AmigaONE until, well, like a day or two before this topic was created.  As I may have said in the post (can't remember atm) the only place listed in the USA is many states away, so there's no real option for me to "see one".  So I'm wondering if they are like, comparable to todays x86 era/generation, or more like the 3/4000 generation/era..  I had actually assumed the latter, but the posts here would indicate otherwise!  That's what I meant, more or less.