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AuthorTopic: Commodores in Wonder Woman 1984  (Read 1591 times)

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Offline RobertB

Commodores in Wonder Woman 1984
« on: February 28, 2021, 09:45:59 PM »
     The filmmaker(s) didn't even try to hide the labels!  Commodores are definitely seen in medium shots of the new movie, Wonder Woman 1984.  There appears to be a Commodore PET 8096SK, seen in the office of Barbara Minerva.  That 8096SK is shown at least twice, because the movie comes back to her office at least twice.  Later in the movie, a very squarish Commodore PET 8032 is seen running a spreadsheet program on its monitor.

          Couldn't figure out what was running on the 8096SK,
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