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CH / Electric Cars / Re: does anyone own an electric car?
« Last post by Louis Dias on September 20, 2021, 01:38:24 AM »
I'm sure those diesel generators powering those charge stations are real good for the environment...   ???
Aka, EV's are not 'green' and mining those rare earth minerals to build batteries is probably worse...

I'm very pro-EV but just because I like the technology and it's overall cheaper for me as it cut my 'fill-up' costs to 1/3rd since it's my own electricity.  Of course when a high % of people in my area get them, I am sure we'll be like California and have an electricity shortage...  Which is what's coming...as planned.
Amiga Hardware Issues and discussion / Re: SCSI2SD 5.2 power pinout?
« Last post by Michele31415 on September 19, 2021, 05:25:49 PM »
Having heard nothing back I did some further poking around and found this image here https://pcweenies.com/2020/02/27/restoring-a-mac-se-fdhd-dead-drives-no-more/  that pretty conclusively indicates that the red wire goes nearest the card edge.  I wonder why I didn't blow up my board by powering it from the Amiga's floppy connector (which definitely only fits with the yellow wire on the card edge side).
Amiga Hardware Issues and discussion / Re: SCSI2SD 5.2 power pinout?
« Last post by Michele31415 on September 18, 2021, 10:30:13 PM »
Well now I'm really confused.  I got out my trusty ohmmeter and measured to fuse F202 which according to the schematic should be connected directly to the Berg connector input.  I got continuity to the outside pin (closest to the edge of the board) and none on the innermost pin (closest to the SCSI connector).  This would suggest that +5 V is on the outside pin.  But the Amiga floppy connector I've been using only goes on one way and that way puts the yellow wire on the outside, and yellow is +12 V!  But it's been working fine.  ???

Could someone with a SCSI2SD v. 5.2 please tell me what colors go where on their Berg connector?
Amiga Hardware Issues and discussion / Re: SCSI2SD 5.2 power pinout?
« Last post by QuikSanz on September 18, 2021, 09:47:35 PM »
Hello Michele31415,

As I don't have 1 yet, best advice is that Common Ground is ALWAYS the biggest trace that goes all over and around on the board the 5 and 12 volt pins are likely short and only go to devices for a short distance and tend to jump around, they are in naturally very skinny. Typically at every chip there is a "trash" filter at the head of each chips power in, a .01 uf cap is used mostly for this.

Amiga Software News / Re: MediaVault 1.3.0 released
« Last post by walkero on September 18, 2021, 09:31:18 PM »
MediaVault podcast support is one step closer.

I just managed to fill the list up with matching podcasts, based on the search term at the top. This means that I already managed to get the necessary data from PodcastIndex.org, parse them and show them in the list.

Next steps? A lot of work still to be done, like create a list of the podcast episodes, show podcast avatar at the right sidebar and make the selected episode to play with the audio player.

Interesting stuff ahead.

If you like what you see, and you want to help me succeed on my goal, you can support me at https://ko-fi.com/walkero

Amiga Hardware Issues and discussion / SCSI2SD 5.2 power pinout?
« Last post by Michele31415 on September 18, 2021, 07:39:54 PM »
I got a floppy power cable from AmigaKit to connect my SCSI2SD v. 5.2 directly to my GVP HC+8 controller card.  Unfortunately, the connectors on the cable were keyed and didn't fit on either the SCSI2SD or the GVP so I had to cut off the keys.  Now I have two connectors that can go on either way.

GVP was nice enough to print on the board which pin was 5 v. and which was 12 but the SCSI2SD is unlabeled.  So could someone please tell me which end on the SCSI2SD is 5 v.?  The one nearest the SCSI cable or the one nearest the edge of the board?  I've looked everywhere and can't find this.

Going by the connector I'm currently using (one of the pigtails from the Amiga's power supply whose key does fit only one way), I'm guessing that 5 V. is the end nearest the SCSI connector since that wire is red and red should be 5 v.  But I'd appreciate confirmation before I let the magic smoke out of my SCSI2SD.
CH / Electric Cars / Re: does anyone own an electric car?
« Last post by BozzerBigD on September 18, 2021, 04:34:47 PM »

You are more on the money than Greta Thunberg in that you accept we can only do our bit. Someone that flies 7 times a year and yet can also afford an EV and brags about it is the problem in the western world. China will not be carbon neutral until 2060 so I expect a global increase of 2.6 degrees but I suggest we prepare for that eventuality i.e. relocating New Orleans, most of Bangladesh and The Netherlands while gradually decarbonising while prioritising national defence and keeping the lights on over knee jerk environmental targets we can’t keep.
CH / Electric Cars / Re: does anyone own an electric car?
« Last post by David Wright on September 18, 2021, 01:43:25 PM »
From that little post and two likes mind you, you figured out everything about the people that disagree with your silly belief system.
Pathetic manlet indeed.
Amiga Hardware Issues and discussion / Re: Does Install erase a disk?
« Last post by nbache on September 18, 2021, 11:55:50 AM »
For 3.1.4, they weren’t “other developers”, they were pretty much the same ones that also worked on 3.5 and 3.9,
Agreed, and thanks for the correction. I did actually plan to formulate this differently, but got distracted and forgot.

What I thought about was that some of the developers closest to H&P, not least Jochen Becher, took part in the "dead end", if it was, where their sources never went into the OS repository (for good or bad reasons, not my place to judge). Therefore those modules weren't available as parts/basis for neither 4.x nor 3.1.4/3.2.

most of the key components also came from 3.9 just as much as from 3.1 directly, only a few came via 4.x. The only missing 3.9 components were all the ReAction classes and resource.library, and software relying on these, essentially all OS3.9 Reaction based prefs programs.
Thanks for that clarification too - as I wrote, I haven't used these later 3.x releases or been as close to their creation as I have been to the others.

Oh, and HDToolBox (and hdwrench.library) by Joan Dow.
Joanne, actually (sorry for nitpicking :-)). But she left already after 3.5, IIRC.

So I would argue that the REAL end-of-line OS release for A2000 (and the other 68k systems) is currently on the hard drive of ThoR :)
Oh dear, sounds like a sad, but recognizable story ...

And this brings us back to what Amiga is REALLY about - drama! - arguing, whining, bickering, blaming, entitlement, huge egos, besserwissers, splitting, forking, hacking, patching… :)
Indeed. Wish all that negative energy could be reversed and put to better use.

Best regards,

CH / Electric Cars / Re: does anyone own an electric car?
« Last post by chris on September 18, 2021, 11:30:44 AM »
Just because everybody else is doing it doesn't make it OK.  If you try and tidy up your own little corner of the planet then that makes it a little better for everyone.  But presumably you (and the two people who "liked" your post) are a Trump-supporting climate change denier, so you wouldn't understand.
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