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Author Topic: AmiWest 2023  (Read 1944 times)


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AmiWest 2023
« on: July 20, 2023, 07:05:31 PM »
Some additional news has been posted over at the AmiWest blog -- http://www.amiwest.net/blog2023/ -- this past week:

    The show raffle will include the new Amiga tank mice, the Amiga Duel Card Game, an Amega 32 adapter and OmniPort adapter for an Amiga 1200 from Alinea, and a embossed leather USB drive installed with Amikit; additional prizes to be announced soon
    A-EON is returning as the 'gold sponsor' of the show
    Doug Compton of 10MARC and Alex Perez of Rabbit Hole Computing will be attending

Additional details on the banquet were also posted. More news should be coming through over the next month or so. I'll certainly be there, and so will my A1222 setup for those interested.
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Re: AmiWest 2023
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2023, 04:05:11 AM »
We had a blast last year at AmiWest 2022. We're seriously considering attending this year as well.
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Re: AmiWest 2023
« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2023, 01:06:04 PM »
We had a blast last year AmiWest 2022. Seriously considering attending this year as well.

Please do! Although many enjoy the excellent streaming from the show thanks to Bill Borsari, the real fun is in-person. Highly recommended. I'd love to see some of the amiga.org regulars there!

-- eliyahu
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