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Watch out for those batteries in the A500+ & some other Amigas
Watch out for those batteries in the A500+ & some other Amigas
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Description: Thank god it still works . Needed a good cleaning and had a damaged trace .
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Posted by: dougal at May 23, 2009, 12:25:37 AM

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May 23, 2009, 08:00:52 AM
My advice (with thanks to the amiga.org & also Everblue) :

1. Open up and check the batteries on any A500Plus , A501 memory expansions and  any other Amiga which has a realtime RTC . (A4000 , A3000 etc...)

2. If (And it most prob is) it is a barrel type battery , remove it right away . I used plyers and literally ripped out the batteries of my A500Plus's , A4000 and A501 . I guess desoldering is better , but the former works well .

3. Clean the motherboard especially around the battery . I used an old toothbrush and an electronics cleaner called ISO Clean . You can buy something similair from an electronics or computer shop .

4. (OPTIONAL) You could order a replacement battery & holder from the net . Get the newer type of "button battery" which dont leak .

If the Amiga is giving problems (I hope it doesn't) , like refusing to boot up like mine did , i would look at the traces on the motherboard near where the battery leaked and if need be test the with a continuity tester or a digital multimeter .

On my Plus i found that a trace was damaged , so i bridged it using a single core wire and fired up the Amiga and it booted up perfectly .

I was lucky because only 1 trace was damaged and there was no other damage . I have another A500Plus which needed a new motherboard (unfortunatly i only had an A500 OCS 512K mobo spare) because there was too much damage .

Remember , even if the battery looks good , it will most definately kill your Amiga eventually .
May 23, 2009, 03:35:31 AM
That does not look healthy.

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