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Author Topic: Garnered from the Web -- WiFi can "see" through walls  (Read 3704 times)


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Garnered from the Web -- WiFi can "see" through walls
« on: October 30, 2015, 11:46:55 PM »

They folks act like this is news. They don't seem to recall the experiments of RADAR during World War II (70 years ago) : Given a broadcasting and receiving station one can see father than through walls.  Objects that reflect electromagnetic waves (duh! WiFi) can be detected at a central site (typical radar station), however a broadcasting station at one location set to only receive the signal at another location will show not just a "reflected" object, but also the absence of a signal (i.e., a stealth object).  Whoop-dee-do, add color via a computer (not easily possible during WWII) to the strength of the signals  and you have the same close-up picture in the MIT photos.  Please use another wave length so the microwaves of Radar (do not melt the chocolate bar in your pocket, nor your brain -- they did call it a "Radar-Range" after all).

Remember, omissions  count the same as commissions in the eyes of the Lord (and signal penetration).

Better yet, fire neutrons through the wall, detect the human, and destroy his cellular structure in the process!