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Title: Sidplayer SIDfest disk images now available (fwd)
Post by: RobertB on February 09, 2015, 07:00:16 AM
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From: Kent Sullivan
Subject: Sidplayer SIDfest disk images now available

Some of you were present for demos at recent PSCUG and SRCS meetings of a bunch of disks of Commodore 64 music that I imaged (and in several cases, repaired corruption). These images are somewhat historically significant because they chronicle a series of approximately ten in-person events, called SIDfests, that were held during the 1980s and early 1990s, by enthusiasts of the Sidplayer music system. The events emerged out of a vibrant online community of enthusiasts, mainly centered in The Music Room on Quantum Link, which is, in and of itself, historically interesting, given that it's an early example of what we now take for granted, in modified form, with Facebook and whatnot.

In any case, all of the SIDfest disk images that Craig Chamberlain (co-creator of Sidplayer) and I contributed are in the newest release of Compute!'s Gazette Sid Collection:

This amazing archive is provided by Peter Weighill in the UK. There is a LOT of Sidplayer music in the archive, as you'll see from the home page of the site. Most of it is organized by author and distributed in single-file format, to facilitate playing on modern PCs using emulations of the SID chip. The SIDfest disks are distributed as images, to capture the snapshots in time that they provide of the community and its creativity.



P.S. For more info on Sidplayer, see