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Title: Shredz64 updated, PSX64 now available
Post by: RobertB on September 02, 2010, 09:58:18 PM
Toni Westbrook has been busy updating the C64 program, Shredz64, and building the accompanying adapter, PSX64.  With Shredz64 and PSX64, you can connect a Guitar Hero guitar controller to the C64 and play the SID music that comes with the software (with the PSX64 adapter alone, you can connect a Playstation controller to the Commodore, Amiga, Atari).

For Shredz64, new songs in NTSC and PAL have been added to the original line-up of SID tunes, the new tunes being Bombo, Stairway Intro, and Still Alive.

For the PSX64 adapter, Toni is producing them again.  Send him an e-mail, and he will build one for you.  Also, new firmware for the PSX64 makes the device more efficient and bug-free.

Go to or to to read more about these items, to place an order, and/or to e-mail Toni.

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