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Author Topic: Need info about the Picasso II GBAPII++ A500 V2.4 clone card  (Read 2625 times)


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Need info about the Picasso II GBAPII++ A500 V2.4 clone card
« on: January 16, 2015, 08:47:21 PM »
I recently purchased one of these bare Picaso II clone PCBs offered on eBay from a guy in Turkey.  The card is marked as "GBAPII++ A500 V2.4"


It has a Zorro slot edge connector, but also seems to have been design to fit the GBA1000 Amiga 1000 replacement board - along with the Zorro edge connector there's also an 86pin header (labeled "X1slot-86").  I was wondering if anyone knows where I might be able to locate information regarding this card - parts list, assembly instructions, software, etc.

I did a quick search on Google, and found a few sites with references to this card, but most are in German and have no solid references to the GBA100.  I also found the following blog, which shows it connected to an A500,


This link has a thread on Amibay, but it's mostly talking about placing orders for the board and a few general questions.


I purchased two of the GBA1000 boards some times ago, but haven't had the time to start the project of building them (at least one).  This card kind'a rekindled my interest, and I really would like to try & get it working - even if it's with my A500 for now.  Thanks.
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