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Author Topic: Case Mod And Keyboard - Amiga 500  (Read 1481 times)


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Case Mod And Keyboard - Amiga 500
« on: October 15, 2012, 05:25:31 PM »
I have an old Amiga 500.  I have been using an older HP laptop (running XP) to run UAE (I may switch to Ubuntu).  I made some measurements and the laptop motherboard will fit in the Amiga 500 case nicely and the CD Rom drive can fit where the built in Amiga floppy drive is.  I really want to do this case mod for fun.  I am very nostalgic about the Amiga 500, but the UAE works better with everything all on my hard drive and connected to a flast screen monitor.  The ONLY issue I see is getting the Amiga 500 keyboard connected.  I have NO interest in writing a driver.  I saw links where people say supposedly the Amiga 500 keyboard can be converted to a PS/2 but all the links for this are dead ends.  Is there a PC keyboard, that if the circuit board is removed, happens to be the same size as the Amiga 500 keyboard?  I doubt not, since I believe the Amiga had some keys the PC doesn't.  I have seen pictures where people have done this.  I guess since I will be cutting openings in the case for USB, I could just connect an external keyboard and use that and the Amiga 500 keyboard will does be a dead keyboard and for show, BUT, if the Amiga 500 keyboard can be converted to PS/2 or evn USB and the schematics exist, can someone please point me in the right direction?
I will post pictures here when my case mod is complete.  I even plan on carefully cutting out the AMIGA letters on the case and inserting transparent green plastic and have it lit with green LEDs from inside.  The normally white case is going to be painted a bright green.
Thank you.

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Re: Case Mod And Keyboard - Amiga 500
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2012, 05:50:31 PM »
I dont know any mod for convert the a500 keyboard but you can try an a1200 keyboard with keyrah.
a1200 060