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Author Topic: Gluteal simians and platform preferences  (Read 1339 times)


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Gluteal simians and platform preferences
« on: October 16, 2003, 07:33:16 PM »
(Spawned from this thread, in an attempt to leave that to Access questions.)

Tomas wrote:


    He was implying that everyone on Amiga.org thinks AmigaONE purchasors are just idiots. Thats not very nice.

Actually i have seen alot of Amiga users being attacked here lately, being called a mindless idiot who follows bill mcewen, amiga inc buttmunkey and so on... Amiga users is clearly a minority on this site lately....

Tomas, that's a load of monkey butt products, and you know it.

Isn't there enough unfounded childish animosity and mindless fanaticism already, without us having to invent conflicts where there are none?

I can't recall that anyone ever has been attacked just because he's an Amiga user or an "AmigaOne" user. This is what people were talking about; Ole-Egil said that him owning an "AmigaOne" made him an idiot in the eyes of this site's visitors. Which is not true. And now it looks like you want to drag it all down one more notch by introducing AInc Buttmonkeys and Mindless Idiots Following McEwen?

If someone ever has been called anything like that, I doubt it was because they're Amiga users! Furthermore, if those personal flames and invectives were used, were they not deleted by the moderators, since it would be a clear violation of the terms of usage for this site?

I know that bullcrap similar to what you describe happens on other sites, but if some confused troglodyte attributes corporate/campist affiliations to someone merely based on what friggin' OS/hardware he owns, then ignore the moron or complain to moderators if it's abusive.

- apparently part of the McEwen-following mindless idiot buttmonkey minority (a.k.a. Amiga users)
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