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Author Topic: FA: Amiga 500 "Chicken Lips" NTSC Made in USA.  (Read 1083 times)


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FA: Amiga 500 "Chicken Lips" NTSC Made in USA.
« on: September 27, 2023, 12:43:57 AM »
Commodore Amiga 500 - Highly prized "Chicken Lips" Amiga- NTSC working - USA


More details on what makes "Chicken Lips" edition unique -

"The quickest way to identify a Chicken Lips A500 is usually by the case badge. If the case badge is an embossed Commodore “C=“ logo, it’s not a guarantee you’ll have all of the goodies, but it should at least get your heart beating a little faster because you just might. The Amiga 500 Chicken Lips also sports a solid filled C= logo on the left side. And on the right it has a very unusual, solid “A” at half the normal size. If you see an Amiga 500 with these two keycaps combined with the embossed logo, your heart rate should be at dangerous levels at this point."
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