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Author Topic: A bit of nerd pr0n...  (Read 1569 times)


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A bit of nerd pr0n...
« on: May 27, 2022, 11:30:52 PM »
Shamelessly lazy copy pasta of my post in aw.net...

I stumbled across this youtube channel a few weeks back and I have to say, it's superb: James Sharman - making an 8-bit pipelined CPU

As the title suggests, he goes from a breadboard start to gradually design and build an 8-bit pipelined CPU. Along the way he implements all the peripherals (uart, sound, video, etc). If anyone is familiar with Ben Eater's (also excellent) channel, you'll love this.

Just make sure you sit back in your nerd cave with the curtains drawn and have a DnD sign on your door.

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