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Author Topic: Nemo board on sale 1000 EUR package PAYPAL ONLY  (Read 680 times)


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Nemo board on sale 1000 EUR package PAYPAL ONLY
« on: September 10, 2022, 04:21:22 PM »
- One Nemo board (x1000 base) with 4GB (2x2GB) Kingston DDR2
- OS 4.1 FE CD, RadeonHD driver CD, Enhancer CD
- x1000 and CFE printed manual
- 128MB CF Card
- Network PCI card
- Wi Fi PCI card
- Sound Blaster 5.1
- Xorro board unpopulated
- Battery is replaced

Optionals (extra pay)

- Hyperion Quake 2 for OS 4
- M.A,C,E
- Simon Sorcerer 2 for OS4 (emulated)
-  Enhancer software 1.x OS4
- Ubuntu 12.04 Remix

Digital extras (on request)
- Emotion video player
- Tower 57
- E-UAE for x1000 optimised
- Spencer

- CFE might need a changes depending on you drive config.
- Card might need updating Linux kernel and OS4 bootloader, best on card reader on PC
- OS4.1 FE and Enhancer will install, but depending on how Hyperion/AEON accounts are set, you might not be able to update it with my serials, if seen in use
- You will need FullATX case, PSU, graphic card (Radeon 7000 to Radeon R9 270x)

E-mail: vojinvidanovic at gmail.com
Viber/Telegram/Call: +381629670515


Minor mistake: CF card is 128MB, but its just holder for Linux and OS4 bootloaders. By manual, it should be formatted as EXT2 (best from any Linux) and NOT FAT32, NTFS, EXT3, EXT4. FAT16 will also work, but ext2 and fat16 partitions NEED DIFFERENT SWITCHES in each CFE menu line it calls a file from it (e.g. booting Linux with its kernel from certain partition, booting OS4 loader from small FFS partition,
Alter Booting Linux DVD, Booting OS4 CD lines only if you move DVD to different SATA set.
CFE can only boot I believe 1st and 3rd devieces, if multiple attached (e.g. SSD, classic drive and DVD).
Read and study CFE manual and think of card preparation and device order.
All CFE commands are Linux style, originally for routers, and glued by Hype boys.
They are in NO way related to AmigaOS commands. AmigaOS exists only once amigaboot.of loader is loaded from small FFS partition and then OS4 is kicked from new DH0:, your AmigaOS bootable partition
CFE lines are case and switch sensitive and without proper lines and order x1000 cannot really boot devices as normal PC.
Anomalia: PCI-E Radeons have x86 BIOS that do not give signal on every x1000 soft reset, giving black picture. Hard on/off is advised. Do not panic!

For ease of use it's recommended to install the X1Boot Loader for management of Linux volumes. And forget about the quirky CF card annoyances.
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