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Title: Music: New music album of Psyria released
Post by: Psyria on October 06, 2018, 02:09:39 AM
The fans had to be patient for eleven long years. But - now it's finally here:
The new album from Psyria. After "The Last Obligation [EP] (2005)" and the
following longplayer "The 2. Chapter (2007)" delivers Dennis 'Psyria' Lohr
finally the long-awaited supply. "Moving On" is the name of the new longplayer.
and the name is program, because it goes on and on, when you dream your dreams
doesn't give up.

On a total of 14 songs Psyria moves elegantly through various
musical genres. From Dance/Trance over Electro to Freestyle linked
the analog charm of the 80's with the current sounds of the
Retro wave movement. The album sounds like a unified whole and proves
that a feeling for melodies is more important than the newest hardware.
Because although the sound of "Moving On" sounds top modern
all tracks on an Amiga computer with classic tracker software
produced and arranged. Only for the final mastering
Tom Payle responsible for 3H Records.

A special highlight of the album is "Atlantis". A driving remake of the
S.E.X. appeal hits from the album "Peeping Tom", of course with the unmistakable
Voice of E-Rotic singer Lyane Leigh. In addition Dennis Lohr was allowed to sing for
"Once In A Life" is the final theme of the Amiga game classics "Turrican 3" take over
and rearrange. Without the original notation as well as its samples, is an empathetic
Mid-Tempo-Ballad in Electro-Sound.

The new album of Psyria was released on October 5th as a digital download and available for
Streaming under 3H Records on all known platforms (Spotify, Itunes, Amazon, et cetera).
On October 19th it will also be available on Compact Disc, of course with booklet and all lyrics.

Album Trailer (
01. Intro _ Preview (
02. Euphoria _ Preview (
03. Atlantis _ Preview (
04. Dark Heart _ Preview (
05. I Miss You _ Preview (
06. Feel Alright _ Preview (
07. You Do _ Preview (
08. Running _ Preview (
09. You're Ready _ Preview (
10. Out Of Your Love _ Preview (
11. Oldschool Babe _ Preview (
12. Once In A Life _ Preview (
13. Yesterday Becomes Tomorrow _ Preview (
14. Everlasting _ Preview (