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Author Topic: Amiga 1010 (BR96IM-1010) doesn't power on when connected to my A1200  (Read 899 times)

Description: Amiga 1200, Amiga 1010

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I did a local pickup with an eBay seller that happened to be in my area (who listed the 1010 as "untested", so I expected the worst possible outcome anyway), but the PSU I'm using is one of those aftermarket Keelog "touch sensitive" kind. Will that not power on external drives?

EDIT: Oh, and I forgot to mention that my A1200 supposedly has an "accelerator" chip. I read somewhere on this forum that it could lead to a power drain of sorts.
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Re: Amiga 1010 (BR96IM-1010) doesn't power on when connected to my A1200
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The Keelog psu is rated at 4A 5v so should be enough for an accelerated Amiga according to icomp.de forum which rates that scenario as a 3.5A load with 2.5A a stock A1200. I was interested in the Keelog psu and have just ordered 2 for my A1200's whch both have ACA accelerators installed so hopefully that is not the problem for me also.

My main A1200 gives NDOS readings on the external fdd port so it's not working either. I have yet to find if this is a common issue with A1200's.

One thing that might cause no power to the external port is if you internal fdd has been previously replaced and whoever neglected to set the jumper to D0

Otherwise the 1010 could need checking for continuity with a meter.