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Title: Superb Aladdin Animation
Post by: SysAdmin on June 09, 2010, 12:23:13 AM
Originally posted by rednova on the forums.
Dear Friends:
I just rendered an amazing animation project in aladdin. I used aladdin 4d v 4.1 on my amiga, and a couple newsletters -aladdin's lamp- from the old times. To do this, you need to have the moonflare project -made by Greg Gorby- -which in in an old issue of aladdin's lamp- and the original shuttle project that comes with aladdin. So, this is what i did: I loaded the moonflare drawing, I made sure in render options that the screen size is lowres, so that it renders faster.
I rendered the animation as single frames -click individual on the render animation panel-. This way, we end up with an animated sequence which we can use later. Next..clear the project, and load the shuttle drawing. make sure the render screen is also lowres.
Go to -background- option and find the texture option, where you can pick load bitmap, and select and load the first image of the sequence we rendered before. once everything is set, render the animation with a different name, but this time render as an IFF animation, not individual frames.
Both drawings are set to 120 frames, so this is perfect.
After we finish rendering, exit aladdin and use a viewer like viewtek to watch the final animation. We end up with a beautiful animation, of the moon rotating around its axis as the shuttle speeds away from you.
Basically, what we did is to combine two different animations, one as the background while the other renders on top. The result is amazing !!!
Title: Re: Superb Aladdin Animation
Post by: ashtontrist on July 24, 2013, 12:38:28 PM
Great and congrats! Where can I view the animation? Can you provide a youtube link perhaps?
Title: Re: Superb Aladdin Animation
Post by: rednova on July 25, 2013, 08:45:39 PM
Dear Friend:
Unfortunately my amiga died and do not have the animation anymore.
I will try to replicate this project on my WInuae pc aladdin emulation,
and see if is possible to do it on it.
If all fails...I am getting another working amiga by Christmas...and then
I can do this project over, and share not only the animation but also
the complete project.
Cheers !!!