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GGS-Data, newsletter
« on: March 17, 2006, 05:52:30 PM »
Hello, and welcome to a new newsletter from GGS-Data.  This time we are letting the newsletter focusing on Classic Computing.
In the latest it have been some new products with relation to Classic Computing. We are very happy to be able to offer many of this nice products aimed for Amiga or for Commodore 64 and 128 computers


# Indivision Scandoubler

A new production run of this product for Classic Amiga have been made by Individual Computers. The first delivery we got was sold out nearly immediately, and we have now filled up stock again.

A scandoubler lets You display the Amiga default PAL-display on an ordinary VGA or SVGA monitor. As it also is a flickerfix functionality inbuilt in the scandoubler it means You can display a PAL interlaced screen without flickering.

If You have thoughts around this with Amiga computers, different frequenzies and screens You are welcome with what You ponder about. We do also have a page with information on our homepage. This page is only in swedish.


# Pcmcia-ethernet, Amiga 1200 & Amiga 600

We got some requests about Pcmcia ethernet card suitable Amiga 1200 & Amiga 600, and we can now offer a suitable card. We sell these including our Net-CD which contains driver + TCP-stack and a lot of software for networking and communication with the Amiga computer.

We do also offer a package that includes a by GGS-Data licensed NetFS & Samba Installer CD. This CD makes it easier to communicate with a computer running Linux or Windows operating system. The cd contains an installation thats adapted for Pcmcia ethernet.

And we do also offer a package that includes a wireless adapter, which let You use the Amiga computer in a wireless network. The wireless adapter supports 54Mbps according to IEEE802.11g/802.11b and is easy to set up through web-based configuration accesible from Ibrowse or any other browser.


# Amiga Future, nr 59 March/April

A new issue of this nice german magazine in color and excellent paper quality including cover cd.

Read about AmigaOS 4 update 4, AmiPhoto, Hollywood 2, SimpleMail, interviews, special articles and find fun software on the cover cd.

You can also subscribe on the magazine from us and You will get each new number directly in your letter box.

Read more information on our homepage


Commodore 64/128 -products

We do now offer a quite big assortment in this product range. The latest addition is MP3@64, which lets Your C64/128 play MP3 that you have stored on Your MMCard using its hardware decoder.

# MP3@64

- MAS3507 MP3 decoder chip
- CS4334 24bit, 96kHz audio DAC
- Custom designed CPU interface for easy programming.

We do also offer some priceworthy packages that includes:

# MMC64 + MP3@64 + MMCard 128MB

# MMC64 + MP3@64 + MMCard 256MB

Lets You save some money.

We have given products for C64/128 an own category with the name 'Old School' thats sorted under Classic Computing on our homepage.

More products is on the way, so keep an eye on the page then and then.

We went out of stock of Pegasos computers when our last letter was sent out, and we are temporary out of stock. The manufacturer bplan told us during last week that a new production run is planned in 2-3 weeks. You are very welcome to contact us if You want to sign up as interested in front of this production run.

Very Welcome,

Gunne Steen - GGS-Data