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Author Topic: AMIcast - Episode 17 - Bill & Anthony - The Guru Meditation  (Read 1568 times)


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AMIcast - Episode 17 - Bill & Anthony - The Guru Meditation
« on: October 17, 2016, 05:54:11 PM »
AMIcast - Episode #17 with the amazing guests: Bill and Anthony from The Guru Meditation! They are making a great YouTube channel about Amiga. There is, even more, they are making live streams with chat during the show.

Just after their long 5 hours stream we made about 2 hours of interview for AMIcast! Guys are great, very positive, big Amiga fans with a lot of knowledge. We were talking about Amiga in the USA and Europe, now and before, about YouTube, about using Amiga today, about great Amiga party in Poland - AmiPart visited by Bill at this year. There are event topics about the retro scene in the USA, Nintendo, consoles, remakes of games, movies and so on. Enjoy!

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